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Buffalo Chile


We love chili! Not the greasy chili that will send you to the pepto bismol but the tasty chili that is lean flavorful delicious and nutritious. We tried making chili with several types of meats , from turkey to venison, they were all chili in the academic sense but some struck a lovely note with all tasters. The top one was made of buffalo meat. Why Buffalo? Doesn’t it taste gamey???. Not quite. The buffalo or bison kept as we  we consume today is far the free roaming herds from the past, and in many cases they are kept  like regular cattle “sans le hormones. Mainly we chose to make chili with buffalo because it is lean and delicious, and has some described it , buffalo has a slightly sweeter taste that beef.
Not into bison? No problem,  the second place (with similar tasting rating) was made of lean  chopped sirloin beef. It was also lean and flavorful


2 lbs chopped buffalo or 90% lean chopped sirloin meat
2 Tbsp canola oil
1 Tbls ground cumin
1 Tbsp ground cinnamon
2 Tbls powdered garlic
3 Tblsp Chile powder
salt and pepper to taste
1 yellow pepper diced
1 large onion diced
2 cloves garlic chopped
10 oz ( one can or 1 and 1/2 cups) of fresh chopped tomatoes
Chopped green onions (optional)

In a dutch oven, heat 1 Tbsp of oil and  brown bison  on low heat . Add the  dry seasonings and cook till there is no liquid left. Remove from dutch oven into a tray and cover to keep warm. Place dutch oven back on heat  add 1Tblsp of oil and cook the onion and  pepper for 5 minutes or till slightly caramelized. Add  the garlic, stir for 30 seconds then add the meat with all the juices,the tomatoes, stir, cover and set heat to low. Let cook simmering for 30 minutes. It will taste just as if you were cooking it all day!
 Serving suggestions: Put a few broken tortilla chips in the bowl before ladling in the chili. Top with grated cheddar cheese.

Get Ready for the Holidays

Yes, the most wonderful time of the year is getting closer! Be ready and happy with the best tools.

The best part is that we don’t have to fight traffic, the cold, the crazy crowds just to learn that what we wanted is gone, and risk getting the flu or in an accident anymore !!! All Thanks to  online catalog shopping !!!!

Today’s technology and incredible offers all you need is a warm cup of tea, your favorite robe and slippers and voila! Holiday prep shopping is a breeze! 

And no, It will not cost you a penny more that going to the store, Walmart ships to your door for less than a dollar! (we spend more on gas just getting there than that!!)

So here is out thrifty list of Holiday Kitchen musts:

If you have loved ones with special dietary restrictions,this is an indispensable tool .We were surprised to find this great Kitchenaid stand mixer for less than $200. Although  It seems quite an investment , you’ll get your money’s worth (and more) very quickly.It’s multitasking, professional grade, and lasts forever! 

Uses: make sauces, knead bread doughs, batters, pie crusts, whisk meringue, soy-less and or cholesterol free mayo! It ‘s relatively small but has a LOT OF POWER. Here at Gastronomous , we bought canola oil based mayo for $6 a 10 oz jar ( a small, small jar). We made twice that same amount  mayo in 5 minutes at a cost of 56 cents….. you get the point :). Later , if you want to get fancy, you can get attachments to make pasta, shred vegetables, make ice cream or your own sausages.




KitchenAid Classic White 4.5 Qt Stand Mixer, K45SSWH




A Dutch Oven:

We have our favorite 5.5 Qt from Le Creuset and a runner up with 6-QT capacity from a generic brand. They both faired well through the years with care .  You are welcome to spend as much as you like, but the food will cook and taste the same. Uses all liquid based cooking which require low heat for a long time. A dutch oven has the incredible ability to brown meats on the cooktop, then fair the rest of the cooking in an oven, then go straight to the dinner table! Think : pot roasts, coq au vin, chicken a la cacciatore , goulash stews, soups and of course chili! 

Lodge Color Enamel and Cast Iron 6 qt. Dutch Oven, Red


Le Creuset 5.5-qt. Enameled Round Dutch Oven, Cherry Red Le Creuset 5.5-qt. Enameled Round Dutch Oven, Cherry Red Perfect for cooking meats and vegetables in a simmering broth, the 5.5-qt. red Round Dutch Oven by Le Creuset includes a tight-fitting lid that helps seal in moisture and flavor. Constructed of cast iron to absorb heat quickly, distribute it evenly and retain it for maximum efficiency, even at low temperatures. Porcelain enamel surface won’t react with food, and doesn’t absorb odors or flavors. Elegant enough to take right to the table. Oven-safe to 450 degrees F and dishwasher-safe.
$219.95 USD




A GOOD quality Roasting pan with a rack!

Forget disposable aluminum ones, they bend, break, they can’t even hold their contents!!

Get a nonstick set for 99.99 ( baster and lifters included) or just the pan with rack for 59.99

Cooking.com will ship it free till NOV 20 just click below and use code C89225at checkout

Calphalon 16x13x3-in. Nonstick Contemporary Nonstick Roasting Set Calphalon 16x13x3-in. Nonstick Contemporary Nonstick Roasting Set  

Purchase this roasting pan and receive these bonus tools: a baster, injection needle and set of poultry lifters, everything you need to prepare your holiday bird. New looks from Calphalon’s Contemporary Nonstick line. The stainless handles are slim and flared and are multi-riveted for added strength. Made of hard-anodized aluminum with a nonstick interior, this new roaster heats evenly and quickly and comes with a removable, nonstick rack that holds up to a 25-lb. turkey – also ideal for chicken, pork or beef tenderloins. As your main course browns and glistens, vegetables roast and caramelize at the bottom of the pan.  $99.99