In this day and age in which prepared foods are readily available, is it our choice to take the time to prepare delicacies for your family & friends.  Our efforts are well appreciated, and guests notice a lovely difference.  Home cooking is worth its while , and believe it or not,  it can be fun.

If you don’t have many “kitchen hours”, start with something simple, like a no-cook salsa or a delicious bruschetta, and work from there.
In order for cooking not to be chore but a pleasure you have to be relaxed and feel comfortable.  Pour yourself a glass of wine, play some of your favorite music and wear comfy shoes while cooking you will be in the swing of things in no time.
There are advantages to cooking our own meals nutrition-wise and budget wise. By cooking we can control the amount of  fat, sodium, sugar or ingredients to which you or a dear one has an intolerance. 

 Additionally, we are creating memories for  friends and family. Our friends, children and grandchildren will remember  meals fondly even if we consider ourselves  terrible cooks. The smells and sounds of the kitchen will be linked with the events taking place, our interaction with friends, kids and grandkids since the brain stores all messages( flavors, odors, sounds and events) within the same memory.  As we  recall  one of the elements ( like the smell of Grandma’s cookies)  the rest of the information ( Grandma, her kitchen, her cat, the feeling of being a kid) will also come back.
Some words of wisdom before you blaze into the kitchen :

Get your workspace ready: This is really important! Remove all unnecessary appliances and ornaments from the counters, at least for cooking time, and wipe it clean

Gather the essential tools: its quite a mess to look for a knife or a mixing bowl in the middle of a recipe. Will we use the oven? then preheat ! Haven’t used cast iron skillets for a while? Make sure there is no rust.

Have all the ingredients in order: its quite frustrating to look for an ingredient and find out we have none or it’s unusable. Can we find a substitute in your pantry…before we start cooking!

Search the pantry: for forgotten trays, dishes, glasses and bowls to present creations beautifully. Remember: we  also eat through your eyes.

So relax!, have fun and Happy cooking!!!

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